$7.49 - $13.49

Clear Face Shield That ATTACHES To Your Glasses. Durable, Reusable and Washable.

Made with love in Canada!

This is the perfect face shield for Servers, Receptionists, Teachers, Office and Warehouse Workers, or really, anyone that prefers a face shield over a face covering or face mask.

Our eye wear shields are lightweight, and comfortable to wear. They are made with a clear durable plastic material, that can be easily installed on the arms of your prescription glasses, sunglasses or protective eye wear, no matter the width. Easily cleaned with soap and water.

What you get with our Unique Design:

- Glasses will NOT fog up
- No clips or headbands to cause you discomfort
- No sharp corners
- No glare
- No more headaches
- Will not contact your face
- No muffled voice
- Won't interfere with makeup or hair
- No pulling on the ears
- Keeps you cool during the warmer days


Uni-sex, adult one-size fits all, and can be worn with a face mask.

If you’re required to wear a plastic face mask or face shield, then stay comfortable with these clear Canadian made, easy to breathe face shields from The Eye Wear Shield Co. Let that beautiful smile be seen!